Tips On How To Organize Your Shed

How to Organize Stuff?

Sorting the stuff you store will help save effort and time in the future. Organize your items and tools by season. For example, shovels and show blowers should stored together and rakes, bush trimmer, and hoses. Items that are similar can be stored in plastic containers with markings for easy locating and retrieval.

Organization Tips

Here are some simple tips you can implement in your shed.

Ramp: Install a ramp in the doorway to allow for easier movement of heavy equipment, if the door is above ground level. Wheelbarrows or lawn movers can be easily transferred in and out of the shed.

Shelves: Build wooden shelves into the walls. Make sure to place the bigger shelves toward the bottom of the wall. Make the shelves smaller as to you build them into the wall. Tools that are not used very often should be stored on the higher shelves.

Containers: You can either build some wooden boxes or buy cardboard boxes for storing items that are similar or items that are not used very often. Take time to label the boxes with the content so it will be easy to find items when you need them.

Tool boxes: Charcoal briquettes can be rubbed on tool boxes to make them rust-free. This process will help to keep moisture from affecting your tool boxes. With a little charcoal rubbed on tools will help them to resist moisture as well. Keep small tools and tool boxes inside fabric-bag to keep dust from settling on the small tools and tool boxes.

Clamps and Hooks: Metal clamps and Rubber hooks can really come in handy during the year. They do a great job keeping tools secure while standing up. The more you can nail to the back of the shed door and walls will save additional space. You can even use hooks to keep items horizontal above your head and shelving.

Paintbrush Racks: Utilize magnetic holders for racks to store paint brushes. This will help the bristles to dry easily and it will help minimize the squashing.

Pegboards: Pegboards are great for organizing and storing small tools in a systematic fashion. You should store these tools in an ordered fashion on the pegboards. You should consider labeling the space for the tools so you always put it back into same place after using.

Hope these tip will help you better organize your shed and keep it organize so you can always find what you are looking for. These tips may even trigger other ideas for storing stuff in the shed.

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