Monday, December 17, 2012

Caring for Your Shed Regularly Is Important

All sheds must be attended to from time-to-time with regular maintenance and loving care. This is very important if you want the shed to last a long time. Two of the most important maintenance items are ensuring that the shed's foundation remains level and that moisture does not find it way into the structure of the shed.

Any time you see that a repair is needed it is best to deal with it immediately so the problem does not get out of hand and turn into some bigger repair job.

Here are some ideas to help keep your shed sound for a long time.

Annual Wood Treatment: Water-resisting treatment of the wood should be done after the shed building is complete and then annually thereafter. This will help keep the shed healthy throughout the years to come.

Oiling Metal Parts: Metallic parts like the door hinges, window slides, and locks should be oiled regularly. Rusted or hardened hinges and slides can affect the opening and closing of the doors or windows.

Window Sealing: Windows need to be sealed very tightly. Any space between the windows and the frame or the wall can allow moisture and insects to enter and could eventually lead to structural damage.

Weeds and Overgrowth: You should regularly remove any overgrowth or trees limbs that might be overhanging or touching the roof of the shed. Check for and remove weeds and undesired growths around the foundation of the shed.

Organizing and Cleaning: At least once a year you may want to reorganize the contents and discard unneeded items. You should keep the inside clean and safe from bug problems. You may want to regularly spray for bugs to prevent infestations.

Replacing Damaged Shingles and Felt: Any damaged shingle or felt should be replaced without fail. Tears or breaks in the roof shingles and felt should be immediately attended to and replaced to prevent water from entering through the roof.

Painting: Whenever the old paint starts to fade or peel, you should get the painting tools out for a new paint job. It is very importance to re-paint when the situation demands to maintain sound wood and to keep the shed looking good.

Foundation Checking: The foundation of the shed should be regularly checked for cracks and shifting. all unevenness noted in the level of the foundation should be repaired as soon as possible. If it is not dealt with the doors may shift or the wood might bend due to added stress.

Seasonal Changes: The summer heat will cause wood to expand and the winter cold will cause wood to contract. This can result in the wooden surfaces cracking or even splitting. Loosening the screws during summer, and tightening the same during winter is a possible solution for this problem.

The shed should be checked for these problems once a year to ensure that it remains standing for a long time. Sheds usually take around a year or two to completely settle down due to the surroundings. Caring for your shed is ultimately your responsibility, and should not be forgotten about.

You might consider placing a calendar inside the shed with regularly scheduled maintenance item listed on the calendar. Check the maintenance off during the year as they are completed. Get into the habit of taking care of the shed on a regular basis and it will look good for a long time.

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