Monday, December 17, 2012

14 Tools Needed To Build A Shed

Shed Plans
Building a garden shed by yourself can provide you a feeling of great pride and satisfaction. All the steps can take a long time depending on how much you accomplish each day. If you plan on building it during your vacation give yourself about a week or two. If you have a busy schedule it might take a month or two.

Building Permits

Before using your tools there is a matter of paperwork with the local building department. They will determine if you can build the shed where you have selected and whether the shed specifications are adequate.

Most all states have the same requirements for building a structure like a shed. The local office will first determine whether the selected location is aligned with a septic tank. If it is you will have to select another location. The building inspector will also go over the shed plans or blueprints to determine if it will be safe and structurally sound.

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Through a review of the plans or blueprints you provide them they will determine whether the proposed foundation will support the specified weight. The roof structure will also be reviewed to determine whether if it strong enough to prevent future cave-ins.

The shed will also be reviewed to ensure it meets climatic condition requirements so heavy snow, high winds, and heavy rains will not destroy it.

Property lines will be checked to ensure there is not encroachment onto your neighbor’s property and utility easements.

Obtaining a permit is usually required for most types of shed structures that are built. It is vital that your get one because without it you may be asked to relocate the shed to a different spot or remove it totally.

Check with your local building department for a complete set of requirements and instruction for obtaining a permit.

Now For The Tools Needed To Build A Garden Shed

All these tools are usually available at your local building supply stores. Some of them maybe lying around your home or you may consider borrowing them from a friend. The list of tools is not too long and is consider simple to use in woodworking circles. So here is the list of tools you may need.

- A good saw with sharp blades can make your work a whole lot easier so, either buy a new saw or get your current one cleaned and sharpened.

- A measuring tape will be used frequently. Precise cutting and exact dimensions are a priority in building a shed.

- Carpenter's pencil, chalks and other marking equipment.

- A hammer and nail apron are very important. To make it easier you may consider acquiring a nail gun.

- Speed and Framing Squares will be used for marking straight lines and cutting the wood surface into required sections.

- A small pocket knife may come in handy while work on the shed.

- Screw-drivers are sometimes required for joining pieces of lumber.

- Pliers maybe required for holding pieces of lumber.

- Plant removing tools will be used in clearing the ground for the shed foundation.

- A wheelbarrow for carrying heavy pieces of materials around.

- Boxes can be used to store extra pieces of wood or other materials that maybe latter in the construction.

- Nails of 6d, 8d and 16d will be used widely throughout the building process.

- Paint brushes and gallon cans of paint for painting will be needed.

- Circular saw is not necessary, but can make cutting angular pieces of timber very easy.

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